About Me


My name is Sharon Harkness-Dobler.  I am an American expat from Cincinnati, Ohio now living my dream in beautiful Germany.  

I am a self taught artist, sewer and doll maker.  I love mixed media art! The process for my mixed media work is very spontaneous.  I build backgrounds for my paintings using various mediums such as acrylic paint,  pastels, inks, crayons, fabric and collage elements.  Once the foundation is laid, I abstract the subject from the background.  I love this form of painting, I find it very freeing and often, very inspirational.

My goal is to create art that celebrates the beauty of women. I enjoy painting and illustrating my figures in situations and surroundings that reflect moments of happiness, meditation, reflection or, in communion with nature.  My art is a reflection of how I see myself.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I hope that my art brings you much joy!


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